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Art unites the peoples of the Earth… how do you feel hearing to this slogan? Do you feel it vibrate on your skin?
Through art the peoples of the earth dialogue with each other and doesn’t matter if their languages are different and if political limits create barriers… Through art any obstacle can be removed.
Art unites the peoples of the Earth… is it illusive? Yet much has been done so far: music ambassadors — great composers and performers — went beyond any frontiers with their melodies, gathering in listening billions of human beings.

Now it is time I make my plea, to involve you in an exceptional initiative.

Blulight gallery is a YouTube channel promoting art all over the world through the slogan “Art unites the peoples of the Earth”. With its videos Blulight gallery has spread its message in over 230 countries, talking of art with many and many friends of any origin.Now Blulight gallery means to appoint its own ambassadors, friends who, in name of culture, can show through a video camera art in their countries, in any way: interviewing young artists or great masters, or simply looking around through exhibitions, museums, monuments and street concerts.
Each ambassador can send her/his videos to Blulight gallery, which will publish them. Each ambassador will have her/his own playlist dedicated and high visibility to the 30,000 members of the channel and to millions of possible audience from any part of the earth.

Just image what huge cultural revolution we could do all together! Many cultural ambassadors from any part of the earth joined by one only slogan: “Art unites the peoples of the Earth”.
Maybe it’s a dream difficult to realize… I know… yet I strongly believe that if you who are watching this video will join the project, nothing will stop us.
Turn your love for art into cultural revolution and be its protagonists! Be ambassadors of Blulight gallery in your country! To produce your videos you won’t need any expensive equipment… a small video camera and an internet connection will be enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who will help me realize this project and who will share this video with their friends!

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